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Success Stories

You can read each of these individual stories in-depth on our  Radiance Gold Facebook Page.

These photos were taken 8 days apart. The first is just before I started to feed Mads Radiance Gold, the second was taken after 8 days of using Clare’s product. Mads is a 14yr old TB with a very poor appetite. I will definitely keep him on this product.

- Michelle King

Our boy was in pretty poor condition and verging on aggressive when he came to us. Since using Radiance Gold, we’ve noticed changes in his temperament and his appearance. The second photo is post clipping so it doesn't show how amazingly shiny his winter coat was when it came through. He’s so much happier now!

- Lisa Forder

Highly recommended. My rescue looks amazing!

- Victoria Wright

Lilly is amazing on her Radiance Gold Mare Formula! It works amazingly on her, her coat is so shiny and she is much more well behaved. We ran out of Radiance Gold and within two days I noticed a difference in her attitude, she was more mareish and started having silly behavioural moments. Now, I have my supply of Radiance Gold and I have my happy horse back!

- Eva Jackson

21 year old horse after 1 Month on Radiance Gold Original

My old lady thoroughbred has been on Radiance Gold for about 8 months. The transformation to her coat and her shape is incredible and I wouldn't use anything else. Highly recommend!

- Kate Hillsley

A fantastic product and great advice from Clare. The 1st picture is taken on day one, the 2nd picture is after a week and the bottom pictures are after feeding Radiance Gold for 3 weeks. Peggy is looking great. She’s happy, healthy and enjoying her work.

- Zoe Marchant

Since owning ‘Goofy’, I’ve constantly battled with his weight and condition. Clare introduced me to her little pot of gold and it’s certainly lived up to its name! Goofy is much happier and healthier in himself. The top picture was taken on the day I started to feed Radiance Gold and the bottom picture was taken just 4 weeks later. These pictures speak a thousand words.

- Holly Rose Bowers

Fantastic product that has helped keep my hunt horses on the road. The condition of their skin and coat has never been better. They are settled and happy. A value for money essential part of our feeding routine. All this is backed up with extensive knowledge from Clare who is always at the end of the phone to discuss any requirements we have.

Radiance Gold has been a life saver for me and my horse, Charlie.

Charlie was very nervous and unpredictable in-hand and when ridden. He bucked me off once and I had my confidence knocked to the stage where I didn’t want to ride. He is now perfect in-hand and seems less spooky or nervous when ridden. I’m a lot more confident, so we are finally on track and enjoying day-to-day life. Charlie’s coat is shiny like glass, he’s a lot happier and calmer in himself. I’ve noticed benefits to his digestion and he’s very content. A huge thank you Clare, you’re an absolute godsend!

- Bethany Williams