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No. 5 - Dog Digest

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Radiance Gold Dog is a clean supplement in a powdered form, for nutritional support for the digestion and immune system. Supporting the digestion in its proper function helps the body to cope, allowing normal repair and helping the body defend itself. Suitable for all dogs. Health and shine from the inside out!

  • Digestability enhancer
  • Immune support to aid self repair
  • Healthy skin and coat.
  • Soothe sensitive tums.
  • Smooth shiny coats.
  • Reduce gas and bad breath.
  • Bum scoot and gland support.
  • Nourish healthy gut bacteria.
  • Healthy bowel movements.
  • Clear waxy yeasty ears.
  • Stop grass eating.

The Radiance Gold range has been formulated by expert nutritionists using only the best ingredients. These ingredients have been shown to support a balanced gut flora, enhance digestion and useful for general well-being. No artificial preservatives, fillers or added sugar. Manufactured in a BETA NOPS audited facility. Feed hygiene establishment GB708A0003. Shake well before use.

Also available in 1kg.

FAQs Dog Digest

Is the Dog digest suitable for all breeds of dog?


Is Dog Digest suitable for all ages of dogs including puppies?


Can dogs compete on Radiance Gold Dog Digest?


Does Dog Digest ease the dogs itching inflamed skin and ears?


Does Dog Digest contain fenugreek, seaweed Actisaff bacteria and Yeasacc?


Does Dog Digest help with upset tummy’s and improve stools?



All Radiance Gold Supplements are professionally formulated and manufactured.Dog DigestComposition:Heat treated fenugreek powder.

Additives:Actisaf probiotic SC47 EU approved Digestability Enhancer Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, EC 14b1702, Seaweed, Yea Sacc.

Analytical Constituents:Crude Protein 14%, Crude Oils & Fats 4%, Crude Fibre 4%, Crude Ash 30%, Sodium 13.5%

How to feed

How to Feed & Quantities

Sprinkle the powder on to food and mix in just before feeding. Store in a cool dry place.

Small dogs - 1g daily.

Medium dogs - 4g daily.

Large dogs - 6g daily.