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No.1 - Radiance Gold Original

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Radiance Gold Original is the ultimate gut balancer and digestive supplement for your horse. Our unique formula combines Actisaf pre/probiotics, fenugreek, antioxidants, and electrolytes. These ingredients have been shown to support a balanced gut flora, enhance digestion and useful for general well-being.  

Actisaf Pre/Probiotics & Saccharomyces Cerevisiae: Enhances gastric health, efficient digestion, and strengthens immunity. 

Fenugreek & Antioxidants: Supports a balanced gut flora and provides essential nutrients for overall vitality. 

Palatability: Highly palatable with added electrolytes 

Manufactured in a BETA NOPS audited facility. Feed hygiene establishment GB708A0003 


Which product is best for sarcoids? Radiancegold original or Sarc Secret?

Both are suitable for skin problems and lumps.

Does Radiance Gold contain natural ingredients?


What’s the difference between Sarc Secret and original?

There is added milk thistle in the Sarc Secret.

Do you deliver abroad?

We offer worldwide delivery

Is radiance gold safe to compete on?

Yes, it is manufactured in a BETA Nops facility and is FEI safe, it can be used for all competing horses from racing to Eventing, Endurance  and Dressage

Is the mare formula only for mares?

The mare formula contains Radiance Hold original with added chase tree berries, this is for particularly hormonal mares, rigs and stallions. Radiancegold Mare formula is not recommended for mares in foal.

Does Radiance Gold contain calories and make horses more lively?


Is Radiance Gold original safe for a mare in foal?


Is Radiance Gold safe for foals to eat?


Is Radiance Gold safe for a laminitis pony?

Yes gut support is ideal for a laminitis pony to support the immune system and general inner gut health.

Is Radiance Gold suitable for all horses, ponies and donkeys at any age?



All Radiance Gold Horse Supplements are professionally manufactured and produced in a BETA NOPS audited facility. They are also regularly Independently screened for prohibited substances.Radiance Gold OriginalComposition:Heat treated fenugreek powder, sodium bicarbonate.Additives:Actisaf probiotic SC47 EU approved Digestability Enhancer Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, EC 14b1702.Analytical Constituents:Oil 4.0g, Crude Protein 14.0g, Crude Fibre 4.0g, Crude Ash 30.0g, Sodium 13.5g

How to feed

How to Feed & Quantities
Radiance Gold can be mixed with any feed but most easily mixes in a porridge or mash-type feed. Introduce as you would any feed change to your horse's diet. For best results feed hay rather than haylage to further assist the ph balance of the gut.
  • Ponies One 25ml scoop twice a day
  • Horses Two 25ml scoops twice a day