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Clare Ellam

clare ellam mctimoney chiropractor

“I’m passionate about the health and wellbeing of all horses.
 I firmly believe that health and shine on the outside radiates from within. Radiance Gold supplements are high-quality, affordable products that customers can trust to offer all-round health benefits.” Clare Ellam, founder of CEC Equine Supplements. 

For the last 26 years, Clare has acquired a vast amount of knowledge about equine physiology, nutrition and performance through her role as a racehorse trainer. In addition her work as a qualified McTimoney practitioner, equine thermographer, Indiba Therapist and laser therapist allows Clare to treat an array of different horses. You can visit Clare's new website below for the recently opened for Lostford Equine Rehabilitation yard.
Clare’s keen interest in nutrition was fostered during 5 years spent working for leading feed manufacturers Dodson and Horrell and while employed at HJ Lea Oakes, one of the UK’s longest-standing independent animal feed manufacturers. 
In 2016, Clare became inspired to develop a supplement initially for use on her own horses and those equines who came into her care. Working in close partnership with equine nutritionists and feed manufacturers, she designed a product containing a unique blend of pre and probiotics and other natural ingredients to support digestive health, condition, temperament and general wellbeing.    

Encouraged by positive feedback from her clients who were trialling the supplement, Clare took the decision to market her product to a wider audience. Branded as ‘Radiance Gold’, the supplement was officially launched in 2018. Clare has extended her product range to include Radiance Gold Mare Formula and Radiance Gold Cush Off

You can find out more about Clare's treatments or Laser Therapy by visiting the websites or phone number below.
Mobile:  07974 075042